Welcome to Envision Career Academy

  • Envision is one of two North Thurston Public School choice high schools. We opened in September 2020 and offer an innovative learning opportunity to students in our district who are looking for a unique high school experience that is real-world, inquiry-based, and highly collaborative among students and teachers, where the student's voice is at the center of everything we do.

A Unique, Career Connected Learning Environment

  • The strength of ECA is its staff and the intentional cross-curricular, interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to planning, teaching, and learning. We create an environment where a positive relationship with every student is created. Each student is visible and known.

    The responsibility for success is a two-way street. Every student who attends ECA has asked to be there -- they chose to attend. Because of that, every student is expected to attend and work toward their academic & career goals.

    We offer four CTE pathways to graduation:

    • Agriculture Sciences
    • Biomedical Sciences
    • Business & Marketing
    • Manufacturing and Technology and Aerospace Manufacturing

    Learn more about the CTE Program of Study and Career Clusters on the OSPI website.

    Our student-created Fyre Gryphon Code is EMBER!

    Envision students are:

    • Engaged: Positively participate in learning and discovery
    • Mindful: Aware and reflective of words, actions, and choices
    • Bold: Respectfully express true self and ideas
    • Equitable: Celebrate and support fair treatment and opportunities
    • Resilient: Adapt to change and learn from challenges

Current Goals

  • Academic Gap Goal

    • By June 2024, this year’s 10th graders will increase their passing rates by 32%, from 58% (spring of 9th grade year) to 90% (spring of 10th grade year).

    Behavioral or SEL Gap Goal

    • By June 2024, the percentage of regularly-attending students will increase from 17% to 70%.

    Download the whole School Improvement Plan >> (PDF) Updated spring 2024

AESD Accredited!

  • We are AESD (Association of Educational Service Districts) Accredited 2017-2023

School Mission

  • Envision Career Academy is a community of leaders and learners exploring career-focused experiences through problem-based, authentic, action-oriented projects that improve our school, community, and world.

Partners in Education

Community Involvement

  • Envision values the strong support of our families, alumni, and community. Volunteer opportunities include mentoring, tutoring, participating in events and field trips, helping in the classroom, and more. 

Community Feedback



  • To view Enrollment Statistics, Demographics, and State Test Scores, view the Washington OSPI Report Card.

Building History

  • ECA's building was constructed in 2007 on 4.4 acres.

    It is located at 411 College Street NE in Lacey adjacent to the Gott Administrative Center (District Office). The pre-engineered metal building was designed, permitted, built, and occupied within a one-year timespan. This school was designed from the beginning to accommodate non-traditional programs, initially occupied by the credit-retrieval choice school South Sound High School.

    The 18,448 square foot building, including 10 instructional spaces, was built utilizing mitigation funds.