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  • Native Student Program

    The Native Student Program is a supplemental program designed to assist American Indian and Alaska Native students with culturally unique academic needs to meet Washington State academic achievement standards.

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    Jerad Koepp
    Native Student Program Specialist
    360-412-4670 x27802

    Laura Bowman
    Native Education (Title III) Paraeducator
    360-412-4820 x42391

    What we offer our Native students

    • Academic support
    • Cultural programs and activities
    • Access to and information on supplementing education expenses
    • Family events
    • Staff development for North Thurston employees
    • Provide culturally relevant curriculum and resources
    • Assist with post-high school planning

    We are funded through a federal grant under Title VI of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The amount of funds is determined by the number of students officially registered in our program.

    Want to be a part of our program?

    • If you, your child, or a grandparent are an enrolled member of a tribe or band that is American Indian or Alaska Native, then they may be eligible to be enrolled in our program.
    • Eligibility is certified with a form called the Federal 506 form.

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  • Literacy Support for Native Students: The Title III Native American literacy support program supports Native young people with supplementary literacy & language development support. See Title III info >>

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