K-5 Arrival (Drop-off) Process

    • Student arrival begins at 7:50 am.
    • Student drop-off entry for cars is on 20th Way NE. The Abernethy Rd NE entrance is for buses and staff only.
    • Students exit their vehicle or bus.
    • K-3rd grade students enter the building through the rear vestibule.
    • 4th & 5th-grade students enter through the main 8-plex doors (covered entrance).
    • K-5th grade students have the option of eating breakfast or walking directly to class.
    • The instructional day begins at 8:15 am.

    Drop-Off Map - enter on 20th Way with your car, and proceed single file to the drop-off point, exit at end of parking lot.

K-5 Dismissal (Pick-up) Process

  • Dismissal for Parent Pick-up

    • End-of-day routines and procedures.
    • The student will leave the classroom with the teacher.
    • Students will proceed to the front vestibule (K-1st grade with a teacher, 2-5th grade independently), exit the building, and follow the red route to the pick-up plaza where they will wait for their vehicle.

    Dismissal for Bus Riders

    • End-of-day routines and procedures.
    • The teacher will deliver each student to their bus.

    Dismissal for Walkers

    • End-of-day routines and procedures.
    • Students will walk independently to the exit near the 2nd/3rd-grade hallway and meet up with the designated staff member who will escort walkers across the crosswalk.

    Car pickup use the entrance on 20th way and wait for student in a line.