Welcome to the American Sign Language Club!

ASLHS Pledge

  • As a student of ASL, I understand that language can be a powerful connection between peoples of different cultures and backgrounds, bringing them together. Henceforth, I am proud to commit to being a steadfast ally of the Deaf community. I pledge to encourage Deaf and Hearing peoples to come together in unity throughout the world. Lastly, I will uphold the ideals of the American Sign Language Honor Society in scholarship, community service, and personal excellence.

    Watch the ASL Honor Society Pledge in ASL >>

Honor Cords at Graduation

  • Honor cords may be worn at induction ceremonies if the student meets these eligibility requirements:

    • Is a student at a high school, senior high school, or other secondary institution;
    • Has studied ASL for at least TWO (2) years;
    • Possesses an overall grade point average of 3.5 / B+ in their ASL coursework;
    • Possesses an overall grade point average of 3.2 / B in all other subjects; and
    • Completion of at least FIVE (5) hours of community services that benefits the Deaf Community.