• Formerly called Tech Prep, students completing approved technical classes while in high school can earn both high school and college credit simultaneously. In order to receive college credit, students must meet specific criteria for each course. A 3.0 grade (B) or better each semester in the class is required. Once a class is completed successfully, instructors will assist students in registering for credit through the SERS Registration System. Students will receive a college transcript from the community college during the summer.

    How it Works

    1. Enroll for an approved CTE course.
    2. Earn a B or better and demonstrate any required skills.
    3. Register for credit online at https://www.ctesers.org (your counselor or teacher can help)
    4. Once you have completed all components, your instructor will notify the college to transcript your credit.
    5. Submit your official college transcript to the post secondary school you will attend upon graduation from high school, but be sure to follow transcript request procedures from the college where you earned dual credit. 

    NOTE: You must register for credits in the school year when you take the high school course.


    South Puget Sound Community College

Advanced Placement at North Thurston High School

  • Advanced Placement courses are available to students who want to earn college credit by attending and testing in an advanced-level class in high school. Through AP's college-level courses and exams, students can earn college credit, stand out in the college admissions process, and study in a unique learning environment that will help prepare students for success in college.

    Numerous AP-level courses are offered at North Thurston High School starting in 10th grade. Students may choose to take as many AP courses as they wish while keeping on the path toward graduation.

    Each course has an AP exam, which is given yearly in May. Exams are graded on a 1- to 5-point scale, with many colleges and universities granting college credit for scores in the 3 to 5 range. Note: Schools vary in what score they will accept, and which exams they will grant credit for.

    AP students are not required to take the corresponding exam for their class, but are highly encouraged to do so.

    Learn more about the AP Program at the College Board website and talk to your school counselor.

Running Start at North Thurston High School

  • Running Start is a state-wide program created by the Washington State Legislature that allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to enroll at the local colleges to fulfill high school graduation requirements and earn college credit at the same time. A placement test will determine if they qualify for college-level course enrollment. While enrolled in High School, concurrently earning college credit while working towards their high school graduation, students can potentially earn their Associate Degree in the process. More information from OSPI >>

    Running Start is available locally through:

    Running Start is not a good fit for every student, but is a great way for some students to transition to higher education. For more information, please contact your high school counselor.