Credit Requirements

  • Envision Career Academy requires (24 credits):

    • 4 credits English Language Arts
    • 2 credits Mathematics (Algebra & Geometry)
    • 3 credits Science
    • 3 credits Social Studies
    • 10 credits Career & Technical Education (CTE) (this includes 1 credit of CTE math for the 3rd year of math)
    • 2 credits Physical Education

    This aligns with the district and state graduation requirements, including credits and graduation assessments

Team-Teaching Model

  • At Envision, we have two different content-area teachers team up to offer one project-based learning course, and this class runs all school day for 6 weeks. Students earn 0.5 credit EACH in two content area for a total of 1 credit every term. Each pair of teachers has a combined student group of 45-60 students. Every 6 weeks, students change teachers and their course (except Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry). 9th and 10th graders have the opportunity to earn 7 credits in a year. Once required math courses are completed, students have the opportunity to earn 6 credits in a year.

Unique Environment & Learning Spaces

  • Instead of traditional classrooms, each learning space is designed for a purpose: design lab, discussion den, quiet learning nooks, computer lab, greenhouse, school garden, and CTE-focused spaces for manufacturing, biomedical science, business, and marketing.

    There are limited bells. Teachers and staff go by their first name. Students are not '9th graders' or 'freshmen' - they are 101s. Students in their second year of high school are 201s.

    There is substantial community involvement to ensure career-connected learning. Students have key experiences during their four years at Envision that are embedded into courses & advisory:

    • Career Exploration
    • Job Shadows
    • Mentorships
    • Internships

How do we fulfill credit requirements?