Arrival & Dismissal Process

  • Loading zones and bus zones aerial map (please see text above for full description)More than 350 students at Lacey Elementary are dismissed at the end of the day by one of three methods: walking, pick-up by vehicle, or by school bus. All students should have on file the “routine” method of dismissal. Notes or phone calls by parent/guardian to change the mode of transportation MUST be done prior to 2:30pm on regular days and 1:15pm on early release days to ensure the teacher gets the message.

    If we have not received a change of transportation message from a parent/guardian, the student will go home on their normal mode of transportation. Once a student is on the bus, they cannot be taken off the bus. 

    • Walkers: Students who walk home will be dismissed at 3:10 pm. Walkers need to leave the campus promptly and follow all instructions given to them by crossing guards or adults in the area, and are encouraged to walk in groups for safety.
    • Bus riders: Bus riders will be dismissed as their buses arrive and proceed directly to the bus loading zone. Buses will depart when all students have boarded.
    • Pick-up: Students in grades 1-5 who are being picked up will be dismissed at 3:10 pm and proceed directly to one of our two roundabouts. Each roundabout has a designated “loading zone” (see diagram below). Students will wait behind the poles at the loading zone. Staff members will help them connect with their ride once the car has pulled forward to the loading zone. Students may only load in the loading zone, and drivers must stay in their vehicles at all times. Parents who wish to talk with a staff member or another parent or pick up their student in person are encouraged to park in designated parking spaces and walk up to meet their child. Please stay behind the fenced areas and do not go behind the school near the portables until at least 3:15 pm. Parked vehicles are encouraged to remain on campus until the main flow of traffic from the pick-up process has subsided at about 3:20 pm. Kindergarten parents must park and walk up to pick up their students.

    Notes about the map below

    • There are two loading zones - the roundabout off Homann and the roundabout off Lilac.
    • Do not leave your vehicle unattended in this area (use the designated parent parking areas).
    • For Homann roundabout: Pull all the way up so that others may pull in behind you. Form a single line and do not double-park in the loading zone.
    • For Lilac roundabout: Pull all the way forward so that others may pull in behind you. Do not wait in this area unless you are actively loading or unloading.
    • For Bus Loading Zone (the Homann-facing side of the building): This zone is designated for buses only. Please do not drive into this area to pick up or drop your children off.
    • Safety Tip: Always have your children walk during the very busy dismissal time, cross in marked zones, and drive very slowly while on campus.
    • Parking: Limited parking is available on the outer edge of both roundabouts and opposite the bus loading zone. Parents are encouraged to park if they wish to pick up their child in person or talk to their child's teacher. 

    Other Safety Tips

    • Please follow our drop-off and dismissal procedures here.
    • Please plan ahead and be patient as the drop-off and pick-up process takes time with over 300 students.
    • Please do NOT leave your car unattended in the drop-off or pick-up zone. It should be considered a brief stop - long enough to have your student either enter or exit your car.
    • In the morning for drop-off, please do NOT wait until the 8:35 am bell. It only creates a long backup. If you arrive early, please find a parking space and wait there. 
    • Do not drop your child off earlier than 8:20 am.