Welcome to the NTHS Student Ambassadors Club!

  • NTHS
    Club Motto: "We work to create a positive, welcoming atmosphere for new students at North Thurston High School"

    Our purpose is to welcome new students moving or transferring to NTHS throughout the year. We want to help them have an easy transition by helping them find their way around, helping them build new relationships, and helping them feel that they are an important part of our RAM family!

    Advisor: Adrienne Perez aperez@nthurston.k12.wa.us


What is Student Ambassadors..?

  • School Ambassadors creates school connectedness for the "new kids". Whether you are a new military connected student or a newly transferred student, Student Ambassadors creates a fun and new transition for you. From school tours and staff introductions to lunch buddies, Student Ambassadors will help you get settled into North Thurston High School. Ambassadors strive to help all students, FIT IN, make new friends and to get staff and school information. Student Ambassadors help create a welcoming school atmosphere, one student at a time! Anyone willing to help others while creating an connectedness to the school is more than welcomed!