Salish Music Program

  • Interested in joining a performance group in middle school?  You’ve come to the right place!

    Three easy steps to signing up:

    1. Determine what instrument you want to play! The choices are given in the tabs for each group below!
    2. Determine which class you’re best suited for, based on your years of experience playing.
    3. Reserve your place by filling out the registration form below.

    Questions for our music teachers?

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  • Band Instrument Options

  • 6th Grade Band

  • 7th Grade Band

  • 8th Grade Band

  • Jazz Band

  • Percussion Ensemble


  • String Instruments in Orchestra

  • 6th Grade Orchestra

  • 7th Grade Orchestra

  • 8th Grade Orchestra

  • Salish Honors Ensemble


  • Choir Information

  • 6th Grade Choir

  • 7th Grade Concert Choir

  • 8th Grade Symphonic Choir