Fines & Fees (Payment Information)

  • Our office accepts credit cards (through our online payment portal), checks (payable to North Thurston Public Schools), and cash (please come in person during regular office hours to make cash payments).

    Free & Reduced Lunch Eligible? Your ASB-related fees (athletics, etc.) could be waived. More information on the bottom of this page >> 

Paying with Credit Card?

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    Launch Portal

    How do I log in? Use your Family Access login information for the first time. 

    • When you are assigned a new ID and password for Skyward Family Access, they will initially match with a one-time overnight sync. Change your password in Skyward the first day you receive it so your Payment Portal and your Skyward password will be the same after that first sync.
    • If you change your Skyward password after that first sync, the passwords will not match and you need to change your Payment Portal password manually to keep them the same.

    Need help? Start with the online payment FAQ>> Then contact your school if you need further assistance.

Adding Money to a Lunch Account

  • Check or Cash: Pay through the office. During summers, you can make payments at the District Office.

    Credit Card: Pay online through our payment portal. 

      1. Log into the Payment Portal
      2. Select your student
      3. Shop: Items at student's school
      4. Category: Food Service
      5. Select a preset amount or a custom amount.

    What if there's a negative lunch account balance? Please pay the negative balance and add any extra to the account.

Aspire Fee Schedule

  • General & ASB Fees
    Type Fee
    Planner $2.00
    Enrichment $10.00 per year
    Chamber Groups $10.00 per class per year
    Band Club Dues $25.00
    Instrument rental (school year) $45.00 per year
    Instrument rental (summer) $10.00
    Miscellaneous - Personal copies $0.15 per page
    Miscellaneous - NSF check fee $20.00
    Miscellaneous - Chromebook assurance $10.00
    Miscellaneous - Printed copies of records $0.15 per page
    Food Service - Breakfast (student) $2.50
    Food Service - Breakfast (adult) $2.90
    Food Service - Lunch (student) $3.60
    Food Service - Lunch (adult) $4.75
    Food Service - Milk $0.50
    Theatre - Musical admission (student) $5.00
    Theatre - Musical admission (adult) $7.00