School Supply List

  • Middle school students keep their supplies with them in their backpacks during the school day. The only lockers available are for PE and after school sports. Keep extra supplies at home and bring them when needed. PLEASE REPLENISH SUPPLIES AS NEEDED THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL YEAR. Please contact the office if you are unable to make these purchases.

    Download the supply list! (PDF)

    The following package is available for purchase from Salish storefront for $20 on or after August 22nd.

    This will be delivered to your student’s advisor by the first day of school. You are not required to purchase the supply bag if you choose to purchase the items on your own.

    • 2” D-Ring View Binder
    • 8 plastic Tab Dividers
    • Durable Pencil Pouch
    • #2 Pencils school quality, 4 each
    • Black, Blue and Red Pens, 2 each
    • Highlighters, 1 yellow/1 orange
    • Large Pink Eraser
    • College Ruled Paper, 1 pack
    • College Ruled Comp book, 3

    These additional supplies are needed for the following departments:


    • Scientific Calculator TI-30xll


    • Round Neck T-shirt-school dress code
    • Shorts-school dress code
    • Gym shoes with laces-no Velcro or slip-on
    • Combination lock for lockers

    2019-20 School Fees

    • Salish Supply Bag $20.00 * (optional for school startup)
    • Planner $5.00
    • Science $10.00
    • Art $10.00 (per semester)
    • Music $20.00 (Band/Choir/Orchestra)
    • Athletic fee $60.00 (7/8 grades only-after school sports)