NTPS: The High School and Beyond Plan

  • The High School & Beyond Plan is a requirement for graduation in the state of Washington and revolves around three questions: Who am I? What can I become? and How do I become that? The plan helps students reflect on their future and get the most out of high school. Starting in 8th grade, students work with school counselors and advisors to create their own individual plan (called their Personalized Pathway) throughout high school and revise their plan annually to accommodate changing interests or postsecondary goals on what to expect once they graduate. Those aspirations may include applications to four-year colleges or universities, two-year community or technical colleges, apprenticeship programs, industry-standard certificate programs, military training, or on-the-job training.


    • starting in 8th grade
    • career goals, aided by a skills and career inventory assessment;
    • educational goals;
    • four-year course-taking plan that fulfills state and local graduation requirements and aligns with the above goals, called a Personalized Pathway;
    • completed resume by the end of 12th grade (will include a compilation of any activities/athletics, leadership opportunities, work experience, or community service) that can be used for writing personal statements, application essays, or scholarship applications;
    • 20 hours of community service
    • if the student has not met the standard on state assessments, interventions, academic support courses, or both that enable the student to meet the graduation requirements must be a part of the plan.

    The plan will follow the student through high school and will be updated annually to reflect new assessment results, reviews of transcripts, and assess progress towards the goals listed above.

    NTPS will update the High School & Beyond Plan for each student who has not earned a score of level 3 on the middle school mathematics assessment by ninth grade, to ensure that the student takes a math course in both 9th and 10th grade. This course may include career and technical equivalencies in math. Parents and guardians are encouraged to be a part of the process of developing and updating the plan. 

    The content of the third credit for math and the third credit for science must be chosen by the student based on their interests with agreement from the student's guardian, school counselor, or principal.

Student Led Conference (SLC) Presentation Template - FOR STUDENTS

  • Students - Use these Digital Portfolio / Student-Led Conference Slideshows Templates. Click on the appropriate grade level to make your own copy (use your STU account).

For 9th to 11th Grade

For Seniors

  • These steps are the same as 9th-12th graders, but adds the requirement to finish the 20 hours of community involvement to complete the requirements and meet graduation requirements.

    Download Senior HSBP Checklist 2024 (PDF)

  • Completion of Career Exploration Activities

  • Assembly of MY PORTFOLIO in Career Planner

  • Assembly of MY FOUR YEAR PLAN in Career Planner

  • Community Involvement Requirement

  • Financing Your Future

  • Student-Led Conference Participation

Project Forms