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    Thank you to the North Thurston Public Schools community for your continued support of our students, staff, and schools! Voters have approved both NTPS funding measures on the February 13 ballot. These measures will help us reach our strategic goals by providing schools that foster learning, academic growth, critical thinking, and student success after graduation. Read more >> 

Replacement education programs & operations levy (EP&O)

  • Replaces the expiring levy to continue to fund important programs and resources not fully funded by the state.

    • Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and career and technical education (CTE) courses.
    • Special education.
    • Transportation.
    • Student nutrition.
    • Physical, social, and emotional support staff, including school psychologists, nurses, physical and behavioral therapists, counselors, and social workers.
    • Activity and athletic programs, and robust arts and music curricular and extracurricular activities.

Capital levy for safety, technology, and facilities improvement

  • Provides dedicated funding for school safety, ensures access to technology, enables necessary facility improvements, and increases capacity for high-quality preschool.

    • Districtwide student safety and security system enhancements, including upgrades to the districtwide video security system, security camera replacements, fire alarm system upgrades at Seven Oaks and Meadows elementary schools, and school parking lot improvements to reduce congestion;
    • Acquisition and installation of updated technology to modernize educational systems districtwide, including replacement of outdated student Chromebooks, Wi-Fi equipment upgrades, audio equipment and classroom technology updates, and reader board replacements;
    • Districtwide facility infrastructure and building exterior improvements, including: sewer system upgrades at South Bay, Meadows, Olympic View, and Lydia Hawk elementary schools; roof replacements at Lakes and Lydia Hawk elementary schools, Chinook and Nisqually middle schools, South Sound Stadium, and on portable classrooms; parking lot resurfacing at Olympic View Elementary; exterior building improvements at Chambers Prairie Elementary; and boiler upgrades at Mountain View and Lakes elementary schools;
    • Expansion of the district’s preschool program through construction of classrooms to serve additional preschool students, and family-friendly space for parenting classes and other family supports; and
    • Updates and repairs to school nutrition and food preparation systems districtwide, including renovation and replacement of refrigeration equipment at Horizons, Lydia Hawk, Mountain View, and Olympic View elementary schools, Nisqually and Komachin middle schools, and Aspire Performing Arts Academy; dishwasher replacements at Horizons, Lacey, Lydia Hawk, Meadows, Olympic View, Seven Oaks, and Lakes elementary schools; and efficiency improvements to school kitchens.

Frequently asked questions

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