Volunteering at Lacey Elementary!

  • Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Lacey Elementary!
    This section will answer some of your questions and provide you with information about:
    • Volunteering at Lacey Elementary
    • Upcoming Events
    • Volunteer Opportunities
    If you have any questions about volunteering at Lacey Elementary, please contact Jackie Gianacakos at jackiegianacakos15@gmail.com.

Volunteering FAQ

  • I'd like to volunteer at Lacey Elementary. What do I need to do? To volunteer in any North Thurston school, you will need to complete the online Volunteer Application. For the safety of our children, this application gives the district permission to run a national background check. Application approval must be granted BEFORE you can start volunteering in the school. This process can take up to two weeks.
    At the beginning of each school year, the link to the online Volunteer Application is sent home with your child. It is very important that you complete all sections of the online Volunteer Application. An incomplete application cannot be processed and will be returned to you for completion. This will result in a delay of your volunteer clearance.
    Although not mandatory, please take the time to complete the Volunteer Interest Form online. It is your opportunity to let us know where your areas of interest are in volunteering here at Lacey Elementary. It also helps us to better coordinate your interests with the schools actual needs.
    My child's teacher doesn't use volunteers, but I still would like to be involved. Are there other volunteer opportunities for me? Yes!!! Consider volunteering as a Reading Tutor, in the workroom, in the library, or in another classroom. Contact your Volunteer Coordinator, Jackie Gianacakos (jackiegianacakos15@gmail.com)and she can assist you in finding a volunteer placement.

    Mentors:  The mentoring program is for 3rd through 5th grade students. Once a week community members will come in to meet with a student and be their role model during their lunch and recess hour.They will play games, work on homework, have discussions, make a craft, or go outside. This mentor will meet with their mentee for the entire school year.
    Below is an explanation of how the 2Mentor1 Program works:

    The 2Mentor1 Program is a program that allows for students to receive additional support from a member of our community. The mentor meets with the student once a week in school for 1 hour during lunch and recess. The program is made available to Lacey Elementary students in grades 3rd thru 5th.

    Mentor Role

    ·Support a young person through an ongoing, one-to-one relationship

    ·Serve as a positive role model and friend

    ·Build the relationship by planning and participating in joint activities

    ·Strive for mutual respect

    ·Build self-esteem and motivation

    ·Help set goals and work toward accomplishing them

    ·Support academic growth and development

    Having a community member visit the student on a weekly basis provides support, guidance, and helps build a student’s confidence. Students, families, and teachers all benefit from the support of a Mentor. Students involved in the program feel valued and it shows in their success in the classroom.

    Contact Laurie Gramento (lgramento@nthurston.k12.wa.us) if you are interested in being a mentor.