Letter from Principal Culbertson

  • Principal Gary Culbertson


    At this time of year I am always surprised how quickly the year has flown by.  We will soon be saying goodbye to our 5th grade and welcoming in a new kindergarten class.  At that time I will be in my 14th year as Lacey’s principal but moving into a part time role.  Mrs. McGourty will be the full time principal.  Each new year holds a great deal of promise, but I believe next year this is especially true as we co-lead for a year.  Mrs. McGourty brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that can only enrich our learning community.  I would encourage you to get to know Mrs. McGourty in the fall. 

     This year has been another successful year at Lacey with students progressing, growing and learning.  While we have certainly had our challenges this year, looking back there is a great deal we can be proud of and exciting changes coming our way. 

    Reminder to all that I have an open door policy but still recommend you make an appointment to guarantee my availability.  You can call Linda Gallivan at our front office (360-412-4650) should you need to set up an appointment. 

     Gary Culbertson