Letter from Principal Culbertson

Principal Gary Culbertson

As February begins, we will also be starting the second half of our school year.  You will be receiving first semester report cards that will indicate where your child currently stands.  This is always a good time to take stalk of the progress made and how much “ground” your child still has to cover to arrive at the end of the year grade level standards.  Report cards reflect current progress to mid-year standards, not end of the year standards.  As an example, if your child is scoring a 3, they are exactly at grade level for this time of the year…and it is reasonable for you to expect them to arrive at grade level standards by the end of the year.  A 2 would indicate your child is approaching the mid-year standards…and in a way can serve as a warning that without making up some ground, your child may not make standard by the end of the year

Standards based grading can be confusing to those of us that grew up with the A – F method of grading.  While it is in our nature to equate a 4 with an A, it doesn’t really work that way.  A 4 would indicate that the teacher has at least three pieces of evidence that your child is performing a grade level up….so a 4 to a 2nd grade student would indicate that in that area, their performance is meeting standard of a 3rd grade student.   The goal of most of our students…and their parents, would be to achieve a 3.

In summary, if your child is receiving 3’s or higher…celebrate!  Grade level standards are higher now than they have ever been, and if your child is performing at that level you should be proud.  If your child is receiving a 1 or a 2 in any area, contact the teacher involved and find out the best way to support your child this second semester.  In reading and writing, practice at home is often the key, and in math take advantage of our i-Ready programs.  

 Reminder to all that I have an open door policy but still recommend you make an appointment to guarantee my availability.  You can call Linda Gallivan at our front office (360-412-4650) should you need to set up an appointment.  Second semester…here we go!

 Gary Culbertson