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Culture of Kindness Spotlight: Cindi Bertram, Aspire Performing Arts Academy

Cindi checks out a library book to a studentEach month we feature a staff member who embodies our 2023-24 district theme, Culture of Kindness. Cindi Bertram is the library paraeducator at Aspire Performing Arts Academy, and the epitome of kindness! The Aspire library is a place for learning, reading, and researching, as well as a home away from home for many students. Cindi brings enthusiasm and love to work each day, whether she's designing and sewing costumes for Advanced Drama performances, baking the most delicious bread, or dancing and singing through the halls. Cindi nurtures an environment of belonging at Aspire. The impact of her kindness is felt by every student who walks through the library doors. 

Tell us about yourself. 

Roller skating/fashionista mother and grandmother who dances like no one is watching, bakes PHENOMENAL bread, and loves snails.

Cindi stands in the Aspire libraryWhat do you like best about your job? 

I get to meet wonderful students and families and share my love of my job and sugar. I sincerely enjoy helping people. I love to be given the opportunity to support readers of all interests and levels. The library also allows me to be on hand for any Chromebook issues, group projects, or needed quiet time. I believe providing a space that is relevant and safe is imperative.

What does a Culture of Kindness mean to you? 

Being your true self.