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Financial Services Benefits Announcements


Sick leave buy back forms are due in Payroll by January 31.  Payment will be made with the February payroll.  Minimum cash out is 1 day, maximum is 12 days.  Minimum remaining sick leave balance must be at least 60 days.  Remuneration will be based on current daily rate of 1:4 or 25% (for every 4 days cashed out, you will be paid for 1 day.)  For assistance, please contact Payroll.
TRS 3 Retirement -- Contribution Rate Change
The IRS has approved Teachers Retirement System Plan 3 (TRS 3) members to change their contribution rate during the month of January.  January 2015 will be the final opportunity to do so -- after this final window for change, you will be locked in at your selected contribution rate.  If you choose to change your contribution rate option, you will need to return the completed form to Payroll by January 31.  Forms turned in by January 15 will be implemented on the January payroll.  Forms turned in January 16-January 31 will be implemented on the February payroll.  Forms are available on the DRS website at and in our Payroll department. 




Last Modified on January 7, 2015