Employee Recognition Program
Welcome to the North Thurston Public Schools employee recognition website!  The purpose for creating this website it to give community members, parents and District staff the ability to recognize the outstanding contributions made by our employees.  We believe that recognition needs to be timely, authentic and able to reach any employee within the District.
This website allows you to recognize individuals or teams in two distinct ways.  First, anyone in the District or community can send a quick "You Made My Day!" message to another employee.  These quick messages are sent to the employee and their supervisor the day they are received in Human Resources.  We will also post these messages on this website under the link, "See what people are saying about our employees."
The second form of recognition is titled, "Cause for Applause!"  Individual employees or groups of employees can be nominated for a "Cause for Applause!" award in one of four categories.  All nominations go to Human Resources for review and two are recognized each month.
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          "You Made My Day!"                                       "Cause for Applause!"
 For more information, please contact Alana Markham-Harris in Human Resources at (360) 412-4898.
Last Modified on July 27, 2015