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 April 2016 Thank you to Vicki Williams of Transportation for her demonstration Compassion and  Humility!


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This year, in place of “Cause for Applause” and “You Made My Day”, we will have one brand new Employee Recognition program – “Compassion All-Stars!” Here’s how it works: Each month, we will ask you to keep an eye out for staff members who truly go above and beyond and exhibit an attribute of compassion. Each month will focus on a different attribute:
September: Commitment
October: Generosity

November: Empathy

December: Patience

January: Courage

February: Diversity and Equity

March: Kindness and Respect

April: Humility

May: Community and Environment

June: Understanding
Human Resources will send out monthly reminder emails informing you of each month’s attribute of focus. All nominees will be recognized on our website and will receive a Compassion All Star Team lanyard and certificate. A monthly winner will be selected (similar to Cause for Applause). The winner will be honored in their building staff meeting and win a special prize pack! At the end of the year, we will invite the monthly Compassion All-Star winners to a School Board meeting. From that group, a Compassionate All-Star of the year will be selected and he/she will win a Special Grand Prize package to celebrate all their hard work and compassionate service to our community on behalf of North Thurston Public Schools!

Because June is a short month for us - we will be combining the nomination periods for May and June. Between now and May 20th, you are invited to nominate someone you've seen going above and beyond in demonstrating the following compassionate attributes:

May: Community & Environment Let us recognize those who make it their mission to improve our community and protect our environment. Someone whose compassion stretches beyond their immediate surrounding. Someone who demonstrates, through word and deed, a deep concern and desire to improve our community and our world. 

June: Understanding Let us recognize those who see beyond the surface of a situation and reach for a deeper understanding. Those who always strive to learn from all points of view. Who desire to better comprehend the needs of others in hopes to serve more effectively.  


Anyone can submit a nomination- staff, administrators, volunteers, parents, community members, anyone! We do ask that you please nominate individuals only and not groups of people. To nominate someone, please click here. When nominating, please be as descriptive as possible and give examples whenever you can! This helps the committee when selecting a monthly winner. Thank you!


Compassion All-Stars Logo
**May and June Nominations are due by the 20th of May, so hurry and get them in!**


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