IMPORTANT: New Point of Sale System and How to View Balances

Food and Nutrition Services has transition to a new meal service system called Skyward. To view your students lunch account balance and purchase history, log on to your Skyward Family Access account and click the Food Service tab. In preparation for ending the school year, students will no longer be able to charge meals that put their account into a negative status. To make payments to your students lunch account, please send cash or a check to school. The online payment feature of Skyward will be available for the start of the 2014-15 school year.

School Meals are Changing
You may have heard there will be new requirements for school meals.  These new requirements are great news for our students!  The new requirements will build on the work the North Thurston Public School Distict's Food and Nutrition Department is already doing to provide more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthier main dishes in our school cafeterias. 
Healthy Lunch Tray
Some of the Changes Include:
- Increasing the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly, dark   green, vibrant red/orange vegetables and legumes/beans.
- Reducing the sodium in meals over the next 10 years
- Setting calorie maximums for the first time
- Increasing whole grains
- Requiring students to take 1/2 cup fruit and/or vegetable with each meal
 Nutrition Information Guide:
Click here to view our Nutrition Information Guide.

2013 -2014 Meal Prices    


Elementary Lunch


Adult Lunch


Middle School Lunch  


Reduced Lunch Grades K-3rd*

$ 0.00

High School Lunch


Reduced Lunch Grades 4-12th

$ .40


    $ .50


Elementary Breakfast


Adult Breakfast


Middle School Breakfast


Reduced Breakfast


High School Breakfast



$ .50

* Lunches served to children who qualify for reduced-price meals in kindergarten through 3rd grade will be made available at no cost.  All other students (preschool and 4th - 12th grades) will be charged the rate shown above.


Last Modified on May 30, 2014