Directions for Completing Your Culminating Project

The culminating project is a requirement for graduation in the North Thurston Public Schools. It is also a state requirement for a diploma. Your culminating project has three required components: a portfolio, a presentation and community involvement. This guide will help you complete these components.

Portfolio: Your portfolio contains documents demonstrating your proficiency in essential skills. The portfolio will contain the following documents:

ü High School & Beyond Plan (to be completed in advisory)

ü Transcript (advisory teacher will provide)

ü Community Service Documentation (all documentation is turned in to Ms. Dalton)

ü Best Works (turn in to advisory teacher)

ü Research Paper (paper will be completed in Government class)

*See Culminating Project: Portfolio Checklist for more specific information about eachportfolio entry. Form is available online or at school.

Presentation: The presentation documents your proficiency in the essential skills ofspeaking, performance, future educational and work goal setting.

Your presentation for the culminating project will be your student-led conference during your senior year. This usually occurs in March on the days designated for parent-teacher conferences.

*See Culminating Project: Student Led Conference document for specific information about what will be discussed at the student-led conference. Form is available online or at school.

Community Involvement: To meet the community involvement requirement, you will need to earn 20 or more hours of community service. This can be accomplished through community service activities, participating in a job shadow experience, working with an adult mentor, or through a combination of these activities. You may begin earning and documenting community involvement hours during 4thquarter of your junior year.

You and your parents/guardians will arrange your own community involvement activities following the guidelines for culminating project. There is a separate document,Directions for Completing the Community Involvement Requirement, to help you. Parents must sign and return to the school theParent/Guardian Information and Hold Harmless Form. To assist students in planning, there is a reference,Tips for Successful Community Involvement for Students. Parents should readTips for a Successful Community Involvement for Parents.  Click here to view some possible community involvement activities.

You will document your community involvement activities and time using theCommunity Involvement Documentation Form. Once you have completed an activity, turn the form into the Career Center.

*All forms are available online or at school.

COMPLETION DATE: All three required components must be complete at the end of your student-led conference in March of your senior year.

If you have any questions, contact Angela Dalton, Culminating Project Coordinator,, 360.412.4820.


Last Modified on January 30, 2014