Carrie Wall (1997) 
Need a little kick start to your day? Dutch Bros. Coffee can help with that. Lacey is home to these popular coffee stands that sell close to a 1,000 drinks a day and to Carrie Wall, Owner of Dutch Bros. Coffee and 1997 graduate of North Thurston High School! 

Wall attended North Thurston High School her junior and senior year after her family moved to the Lacey area due to a job transfer with State Farm. “I think a lot of who I am today was from moving to a new community,” said Wall. “I wanted to know and become friends with everyone.” After graduating high school, Wall attended Portland State University and double majored in marketing and advertising management.

In high school, Wall played volleyball and ran track. She was part of the photography, yearbook and leadership classes and was even Homecoming Queen her senior year! “I never wanted to run for school office, that wasn't really me,” said Wall. “I loved to be involved, but not a face.” Wall remembers her leadership teacher, Mrs. Ditrich being very influential. “She was very involved with the students,” explains Wall. “She taught me what pride and ownership was through school spirit and she always wanted the best for us.”

Wall’s focus with her employees is to teach them the importance of community while they gain knowledge in interpersonal communication, learn how to work together as a team to accomplish a goal, have respect for every person they meet all while being held accountable for their daily job responsibilities. “These are young kids, our future community leaders,” Wall said. “Giving them valuable tools they can take with them in life is very important to me.”

“Getting to touch so many lives every day through coffee is what I enjoy most about what I do.” Wall explains, “A lot of people don't really get what we do. They think cool vibes, excellent customer service, killer coffee, but what they don't realize is that each and every person that works at Dutch Bros. is an ambassador of their community. Their mission is to serve up smiles and save lives, one cup at a time,” said Wall, also a member of the Lacey and Thurston County Chambers of Commerce and Partners in Education (P.I.E.) with Evergreen Forest Elementary and River Ridge High School. 

“We genuinely care about the well-being of every community member, whether they are customers or not. I truly believe that we do change our communities for the better. My role in all of this is to be the most humble of servants by leading my crew. Showing them what positivity and love can bring. We are a family. When I hire I don’t really “hire” someone. I adopt them into our Dutch Bros. family. We take care of each other like a family would.”

In her free time Wall enjoys watching the Harry Potter movies, reading and spending time with her three children and her husband who is the Deputy for Thurston County Sherriff. Together they like going out on their boat wakeboarding, wake surfing, tubing and listening to music. She is also a big sports fan especially when it comes to college football. “There is so much heart, I love watching!  Go Ducks and Go Rebels!  Those are my 2 favorite college teams,” said Wall. Her favorite foods include pizza and Mexican.

“My advice for students is to not be afraid of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you want to do or be in life right now. Part of life is the journey to become who you will be one day,” explains Wall. “It's the journey that makes you, so enjoy it!  And if you mess up along the way, as long as you're always learning from those mess ups, then that's all anyone can ever ask.”


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