Letter from Principal Culbertson

Principal Gary Culbertson Dear Lacey Families:
Because of the greater WE at Lacey...which includes parents and staff, I am thrilled to announce that we have been selected by KCTS 9 as a Pathways to Excellence Award Winner, and will be featured sometime next fall. Essentially the State School Board of Education brought our school to KCTS 9’s attention. The award recognizes schools that are measurably closing the Opportunities/Achievement Gap.
KCTS 9 believes in the mission of finding high functioning schools in the state that are making significant progress in closing the achievement gap and then reporting on what they are doing so that others can learn from these high achieving schools. As they state: “Pathways is a series of awards, documentaries, case studies and short form web videos recognizing positive, measurable change over time and effective strategies. If differs from other education reporting in that it offers substantive exploration of positive strategies rather than the usual media approaches of the quick feel-good story or the doom and gloom report.” Indeed, when I spoke with Tony Gomez, the reporter who will be covering our story, he told me they have been watching us for several years now.
This award is an incredible honor...to be recognized independently of High Progress Awards and Schools of Distinction Awards by the State Board of Education is a tribute to all of you, and the incredible work and talent of the Lacey staff. I cannot praise their work and dedication enough. When I learn more about when the feature will be “live” I will let everyone know.
Given this is the final newsletter of the year, I’d like to close by letting you know this has been another tremendously successful year at Lacey and wish everyone a relaxing summer. The above award is based on last year’s data (and previous year’s data), but I anticipate another banner year this year as we continue to perform well over the state averages. All too soon we will all be back; beginning a new year of learning. Should any of you have a need to speak with me personally, please don’t hesitate to use e-mail or call the main office line and set up a time for us to talk. Happy summer to all!
Gary Culbertson